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Most Able, Gifted and Talented

South View School embraces students with a diverse range of abilities, and we are committed to providing a secure yet stimulating environment that fosters the development of all pupils. Our goal is to empower every student to unlock their full potential and achieve the highest level of personal accomplishment.

At South View we recognise the unique talents and abilities of every student and we are dedicated to meeting their specific needs.This approach allows us to recognise and nurture a diverse range of talents and gifts that extend beyond the traditional academic realm.

  • To identify our Most Able, Gifted, and Talented (MAGT) children we employ a comprehensive approach utilising a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures to ensure a holistic evaluation.
  • To identify children with exceptional academic abilities we consider standardised test scores as one aspect of assessment, while also actively observing and assessing students in class.
  • Our identification of MAGT students extends over a range of domains, including leadership, sports, and creative and performing arts.

By adopting this inclusive approach, we strive to provide tailored support and enrichment opportunities that cater to the unique strengths and interests of our MAGT children. 

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Extracurricular opportunities

We believe in challenging all students appropriately and providing them with opportunities for growth and enrichment. In the classroom, we ensure that our Most Able, Gifted, and Talented students receive appropriate challenge and extension activities. Through differentiated instruction and tailored learning experiences, we strive to keep them engaged and motivated to reach their full potential. Our teachers employ higher-order and critical thinking questioning techniques to stimulate their intellectual curiosity and encourage them to explore and analyse concepts at a deeper level. 

In addition to in-class provisions, we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities to nurture the talents and interests of our More Able, Gifted, and Talented students. These activities provide opportunities for them to excel and explore their passions beyond the regular curriculum. Furthermore, we actively encourage participation in internal and external competitions, where they can showcase their skills and compete with peers from other schools, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and personal growth.

To ensure continuous progress and growth, our dedicated Most Able, Gifted, and Talented Coordinators closely monitor the academic development of these students.

In cases where individualised support is necessary, we implement individual education planning, tailoring interventions to meet the unique needs of each student and ensure that they are supported in reaching their full potential.