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At South View School, we offer various options for prospective families to experience our vibrant learning community in action. From personalized campus tours and interactive open morning events with tours done by our students to Meeting our Principal Mr. David Flint, we provide opportunities for you to witness firsthand what makes our school truly unique. 

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We offer:

  • Daily tours* led by our Heads of Schools from Monday to Thursday from 9am-2pm, Friday from 9am- 12pm

  • Meet the Principal events (Mondays, 8.30am, bi-weekly) 

Upcoming events: 1 July

  • Open Morning  (monthly at 8.30am)

Upcoming events: 12 June

*To ensure the utmost experience of your visit to South View School, we make an effort to accommodate individual tours outside of our regular hours, subject to availability. 

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