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In addition to excellent in the classroom and community, South View School displays a strong commitment to athletic excellence in both boys and girls’ sports.


  • Two lessons of PE per week from EYFS onwards, enabling students to develop a wide range of sports and life skills such as: maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, sportsmanship, creating a passion for active recreation and sport.
  • Strong and successful swimming program running through the academic year.
  • Multi sports balanced curriculum program.
  • Supporting students in reaching their physical potential in a variety of sports environments.

Competitive Sports

South View School recognizes the significant role that sports play in the extra-curricular life of our students. We firmly believe that engaging in sports activities fosters personal growth and development.

Representative opportunities are available at all levels of our sports program, beginning with our House program, inter class events, and for those who excel to represent our school in inter-school fixtures organised by, DASSA, Dubai School Games, BSME and World School Games on the following sports:

  • Netball (Girls U8 to U15 age groups teams)
  • Basketball (Boys and girls U8 to U16 age groups teams)
  • Football (Boys and girls U8 to U15 age groups teams)
  • Tag Rugby (Boys U8 to U11 & Girls U9 and U11 age groups teams)
  • Athletics (Boys and girls U8 to U16 age groups teams)
  • Rounders (Girls U8 to U15 age groups teams)
  • Cricket (Boys U8, U9 & U11 age groups teams)
  • Volleyball (Boys and girls U14 & U16 age groups teams)
  • Gymnastics (Boys and girls U8 to U16 age groups teams)
  • Aquathon (Boys and girls U8 to U16 age groups teams)
  • Cross country (Boys and girls U8 to U16 age groups teams)
  • Swimming (Boys and girls U8 to U16 age groups teams)

Hall of Fame

  • U11 boys football – DFC Champions 2022
  • 17 students qualified for primary DASSA Athletics finals – 7 medals.
  • U14 girls football – 2nd DFC Championship
  • U14 boys football – 2nd DFC Championship
  • BSME games 2023: U11 boys football champions, 5 medals in athletics and 1 medal in swimming.

We believe sport will foster and grow the spirit of perseverance, integrity, tolerance, empathy, kindness, ambition and happiness in SVS students.

Sports Fixtures and Calendar

Sports Fixtures and Calendar