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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

At South View School we have a supportive team of language specialists who are committed to guaranteeing excellent progress for every EAL student. We believe that every student within our care should receive the support necessary to access the curriculum.

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Through intensive instruction, assessment and integration our aim is to develop our EAL students’ language skills so that they can quickly adapt and integrate smoothly into the whole school community.

At South View we promote and encourage the multi-cultural diversity of all our students, and we strive to encourage them to use their full repertoire of cognitive and linguistic skills to succeed both socially and academically. 


South View School offers four kinds of support for EAL students:

Intensive Pull-Out

This support is for learners who are very new to English and cannot use or understand much English. These students spend much of their day in their regular classrooms but are provided with small group or one-one intervention with an EAL specialist up to 5 times a week, timetable permitting.

Language Pull-Out

This support is for students who can access some of the English language but still need help to access their year group’s curriculum. They speak in English but still make some errors that hinder communication. The EAL specialist works closely with the classroom teacher to provide intensive, targeted practice in small group or one-one interventions up to 3 times a week.

In-Class Support

This support happens when an EAL specialist enters a student’s mainstream classes and helps them with language usage, activities and summative tasks. At SVS our aim is to encourage our students to become successful independent learners so this support is reviewed regularly with the view that the classroom teacher will become primarily responsible for supporting and differentiating.


After students ‘exit’ our EAL programme we keep their names and assessment information on the EAL register for up to one year. Although these students no longer need EAL support, we periodically consult their teachers to ensure students are thriving academically and have no setbacks as they start to independently access the mainstream curriculum.

EAL ‘Exit’ Process

In order to be considered for exit from the ‘pull-out’ programme, students must enter fully into Band C or above according to the Bell Foundation Assessment Framework, where English language proficiency in each domain; listening, speaking, reading and writing, is represented by five proficiency bands (A- New to English, B- Early acquisition, C- Developing competence, D- Competent, E- Fluent). Each Band has ten assessment descriptors which represent ten levels of increasing competence within each band.

At South View we believe that ‘every teacher is a language teacher’. As experts of subject area language, teachers will help students develop awareness for the language that pertains to the subject they are studying by using adaptive teaching methods and differentiation strategies resulting in all tasks being accessible to all students. EAL students are only part of the intense ‘pull-out’ intervention in the early stages of their English learning and the principal aim of the EAL department is to support our students to be capable of working with limited support inside the mainstream classroom.