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Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To be a leading British curriculum school in Dubai offering the highest quality education for children of all nationalities and abilities, at a competitive price in a unique, innovative, and inclusive learning community.

Our Mission

  • Deliver challenging, stimulating, and relevant learning experiences for our pupils that are engaging, fun, and add value to individual character and skills.
  • Foster and grow the spirit of internationalism, perseverance, integrity, tolerance, empathy, kindness, ambition, and happiness in our students.
  • Develop strong social vision and responsibility in our pupils enabling them to positively impact their current and future communities.
  • Embrace local values and the UAE National Agenda to develop a sense of pride in the UAE as our home or second home.
  • Encourage and develop confidence, curiosity, creativity, innovation, independent thought, and entrepreneurship in the pursuit of learning excellence.
  • Engage with and excel in utilising current pedagogies and global, quality educational practices.
  • Create and develop a holistic, robust, nurturing pastoral framework focusing on positive mental health and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
  • Recruit the highest quality staff who are able, innovative, energetic, and who champion each child in their care.
  • Promote close working relationships with pupils, parents, and stakeholders as a matter of routine.
  • Obsess about the details and make it personal.

image of South View secondary school students